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Bitcoins Reserve has serviced hundreds of customers since starting operations in June 2013, first to market in Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and large volume Procurement, we work to offer our investors a diversified approach to generate returns in both Fiat and Cryptocurrency.
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We're Invested in Disruptive Technologies

Our team constantly seeks and executes opportunities and manage their associated risks. With a strong understanding on what is becoming the greatest financial revolution in the 21st century, we have helped both skeptics and believers realise incredible returns in the Cryptocurrency space.

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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Offering the worlds first cryptocurrency arbitrage fund, Bitcoins Reserve has since June 2013 consistently generated double digit monthly returns for investors. Since the fund started 9 months ago, our automated trading engine has generated a return of over 205.8%.

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Cryptocurrency Procurement

Looking to stake a portion of your assets in Cryptocurrencies? Having fostered close relationships with major global and regional exchanges, we’re able to offer wiring services as well facilitate localised on demand Over The Counter buying and selling.

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Other services

Merchant Services (coming soon)
Helping businesses grow their international reach by accept cryptocurrency and promote their products and services to the community

Insured Cold Storage (coming soon)
Bitcoins Reserve can help secure your cryptocurrency assets through our cold storage solution

Cryptocurrency Creation (coming soon)
Building a custom cryptocurrency, with customers specific block reward, coin supply, hash algorithm and difficulty adjustment

Cryptocurrency Analytics (coming soon)
Performing on demand targetted data mining to provide analytical insights and projections on you investments

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Registration: UK

Headed by Nejc Kodrič
average 24h volume (april): 7968BTC

Registration: USA

Headed by Jesse Powell
average 24h volume (april): 561BTC

Registration: France

Headed by Raphael Niccole
average 24h volume (april): 5995BTC

Registration: China

Headed by Jun Du
average 24h volume (april): 46387BTC

Registration: Australia

Headed by Surya Wongtomo
average 24h volume (april): 358BTC

Registration: China

Headed by Bobby Lee
average 24h volume (april): 1966BTC

Registration: China

Headed by Xu Ming Xing
average 24h volume (april): 74631BTC

Registration: Bulgaria

Headed by Aleksey Alexander
average 24h volume (april): 11119BTC